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Beware of these 2 guys John and the salesman Jimmy and don't trust whatever they tell you. All they know is BS, try not to buy any car from them, but if you have to make sure the car is not salvage which they never mention also do not sign any paper especially the Arbitration form .

Remember they have no right to make you sign any paper beside the buyers order. Also if they told you it comes with 3 month 3000 mile warranty, that's BS because it's cover a 3rd warranty company name Wheelz AKA American Auto Guardian, you might want to google it. This company has very bad review and they won't cover anything. If you are thinking to buy a car at Seasell Inc.

You better pray because it might have major issue, included Salvage history, Odometer roll back, Mess up engine that you won't even know until things happen. Think twice before you make any decision, why buy from them if you can go with other dependable dealer.

Make sure you ask them about 3 days money back guarantee and if they refuse it then it means they are hiding something from you. People beware....

Monetary Loss: $28000.

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Durham, North Carolina, United States #1242882

I had an awesome experience there! The negative reviews listed about 3000 mile warranty/lies about the car being a salvaged title.....They give you the CARFAX IN HOUSE AND GO OVER EVERYTHING THAT'S POSTED WITHIN THE CARFAX DOCUMENTS!!!!


This deanship is very professional, small and family owned...I am 100% pleased with my Range Rover purchase! I couldn't be happier with the smooth process and transaction and the guys working hard to get me the rate I wanted for my car...THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!

Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #852904

We do not sell salvage vehicles. We never have and never will.

If we sold you a salvage vehicle please return it to us. You have that right. if we sold you a odometer rollback please return it to us. You have that right.

You are protected by the damage disclosure form and the odometer disclosure form that you signed. We provide service contracts from outside parties that every other reputable dealership does. Everyone of our customers are encouraged to take any vehicle we sell to their mechanic of choice. We have not and will not ever turn that request down.

We allow our customers to take test drives of the vehicle by their self for as long as needed. We allow you the privacy to test options of the car, check maintenance, check drivability, and performance. Call around to any other dealer before taking this complaint into consideration before purchasing your next automobile. You will not hear one bad thing about our business that has been trusted for over 12 years.

I'm not sure where this complaint is coming from, but it is unwarranted and negligent. Jimmy Bartlett (910) 297-3580.

to Jimmy Bartlett Wilmington, North Carolina, United States #964022

I bought 4 cars from Seasellauto so far the best cars I have never had better cars, also after selling my cars that's I bought from them a year later I still didn't Loss any money but I made money on then because their prices are always cheaper than other dealers, they have never had a salvage car ever, those people are legit and very respectful and who ever you are that gave this comment I think you are a BS cuz all you said is not true at all, because every car I bought from them they let me test drive it for the whole weekend and if I liked it i boy if not I simply return the car and they thank me so respectfully you are a liar and a BS,

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